What is an energy gel?

An energy gel is a very important carbohydrate source in the form of a compact liquid.

What is it used for?

Thanks to its high sugar content, it allows to bring energy quickly during a sports effort.

This energy intake linked to the consumption of carbohydrates can delay fatigue during a long-term effort.

Moreover, its small size makes it easy to be taken and consumed everywhere.

It is advised to take one every hour during any effort greater than one hour. Be careful not to “overconsume” it, it could cause gastrointestinal discomfort. And above all, you have to drink water, ideally at the same time as it is taken, in order to facilitate its digestion!

What is in Pulsaar energy eel (Pure Chia Performance Gel)?


The energy gel Pulsaar indeed contains carbohydrates.

The first source of carbohydrates is a concentrated date juice, and therefore the main source of carbohydrates from this gel is a 100% natural sugar that contains mostly sucrose (fructose + glucose), glucose and fructose.

We also added glucose and Palatinose® (isomaltulose).

Glucose is a monosaccharide that can be directly absorbed by our body without being hydrolyzed (decomposition with water). It is therefore very quickly available in order to give energy to our body.

Fructose, also a monosaccharide, is digested and absorbed by our body more or less the same way as glucose. Not all people are equal when it comes to the absorption of fructose, some people absorb it better than others.

Sucrose is not a monosaccharide. It must, in fact, be hydrolyzed in an acidic environment (gastric juice) in order to break the bonds between glucose and fructose, and then be digested and absorbed. Thus, its digestion requires a little more time than that of glucose and fructose, hence the interest of taking it with a sip of water.

Finally, isomaltulose is hydrolyzed only by enzymes in the small intestine. Its digestion is therefore even slower, and its absorption is well after the other types of sugars.

These 3 types of sugars (monosaccharides, sucrose, isomaltulose) do not have the same absorption time, therefore, this gel allows both a rapid energy boost (glucose and fructose) but also a slower carbohydrate delivery (isomaltulose) and longer during the sports effort.


Palatinose ® is a variant of isomaltulose. It is also a sugar composed of glucose and fructose.
This is a great alternative to sugar.

Like sugar, it provides 4 kcal per gram, but unlike sugar, it does not increase glycemic index or insulin level in blood.

Palatinose ®, even at high doses, does not cause gastrointestinal problems to healthy or diabetic people.
In addition, it would have beneficial effects on cholesterol levels. It would not involve the appearance of caries unlike sugar.

A diet replacing sugar by Palatinose ® could also lead to weight loss.

From an energy point of view, Palatinose ® provides the same efficacy as maltodextrin, but without the disadvantages of maltodextrin (gastrointestinal discomfort, elevation of blood sugar, rapid assimilation). Thus, Palatinose ®, due to its slow digestion and digestive comfort, even at high doses, is a very interesting sugar for sports nutrition.

Chia seed

Pulsaar has decided to innovate by adding to this gel a new ingredient for sports nutrition: chia seeds, rich in omega 3.

A scientific study showed that the intake of omega 3 was a source of energy equivalent to carbohydrates during sports efforts. Omega 3s are not necessarily more effective but are an excellent alternative for less sweet products.

Beta Alanine

Finally, Pulsaar chose to incorporate Beta Alanine.
Beta alanine is an amino acid that helps limit muscle lactic acidosis, which is one of the leading causes of fatigue (and cramps) during exercise.

Why is it an interesting product?

This energy gel based on chia seed will give you the boost you need. With a taste less sweet than most energy gels, it will be more enjoyable to consume during your race, and therefore, easier to digest.

During long and intense efforts, take one every hour with water to allow better absorption of carbohydrates. Do not forget to consume it with a sip of water to further facilitate absorption and digestion.

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